Meeting the Property Brothers at Highpoint!

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time. I attended the Spring Highpoint Furniture Market in April. I always attend as a designer and as media because I write articles about lifestyle design and travel. I had just checked into the media room when I felt the excitement in the air. Something was getting ready to happen. 

It always helps to get to know the great people that work the media room. One of them told me that any minute, the Property Brothers would be showing up. the plan was to place them behind a table where breakfast muffins, fruit, and coffee were being offered to attendees. This market was especially brutal because of the cold, windy, rain that stayed with us throughout market.  So I made my way outside to capture some video of this event. As the walked up, people recognized them immediately and they never made it behind the table. Everyone wanted a selfie with them and these two guys were so down to earth, and happy to be there. It was refreshing to see people who are on TV with so much success, be so into meeting the attendees. As I maneuvered to keep a position where I could get video, I ended up in front of the two and they asked, “wanna take a selfie with us?” I normally wouldn’t do that but who would say no to that question so I should yes!  It was a fun event and one of many throughout the market. Celebrities introducing product lines and even performing were found at market throughout the week. The headline performer was Trisha Yearwood. She was also at market to introduce her new line of furniture at Klaussner.  


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This picture was a lot of fun but my video of others getting selfies captured the excitement. I posted it on a couple of my Instagram pages and to surprise, it had over 4,500 views within 24 hours. This was one of my favorite markets even with the cold rain!


Diane Leone Design Video